These scruffy Aussies are dead serious about their diesel-fueled whiskey snortin’ hard rock and this effort shows they are right up there with AIRBOURNE in the AC/DC inspired rock sweepstakes. In fact, I would say they are beating AC/DC at their own game.” - Dr Abner Mality

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Welcome to rat town

Dirty Rats are an “old school” heavy rock band that formed in the mid 80's and quickly became a mainstay of the Melbourne “Pub Rock” scene, gaining a reputation for down and dirty original songs and a “take no prisoners” performance style, before taking an extended hiatus that lasted several decades. The Rats reformed in the late 2000's and after several line up changes, a 5 track EP and new album, have evolved into a tight 4 piece powerhouse group that still delivers loud and punchy original rock songs with catchy hooks and choruses and classic rock covers that will have you head-banging and singing along at the top of your lungs. Dirty Rats epitomise everything great about Melbourne pub rock and have dragged it kicking and screaming into the new century. You want a great night out that you'll remember forever? Lets go Rocking out in Rat Town!


  Riding the wave of the worldwide critical acclaim of their first full length album, Rock n Roll, the Dirty Rats have released their brand new album "End in Tears". The first single from the album is called, The Juice and is a celebration of getting out and having a good time, no matter what your circumstances are. Join the Dirty Rats and their mates as they suck piss and rock out in the Aussie bush. Pub rock just the way it was meant to be!

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